August 25th + 26th menu

whipped burrata.  olives

RLV Cinsault Rose

quinoa. feta. cucumber salad

RLV    lll

fresh pasta. Calabrian chili. lemon

RLV Small Lot Muscat  or RLV III

Reister Farms lamb chop. minted yogurt

RLV  Corso 

chocolate pistachio semifreddo

RLV Dulce Rojo 

 wine not included, recommendations available for purchase at IN VINO VERITAS San Angelo. H&H and FILO Abilene. The DEPOT Brownwood  

RLV winery Coleman 


accepting reservations for August


February 26 & 27

Winter Caprese Salad

Cacio e Pepe (cheese + pepper pasta)

Bone-In Akaushi Ribeye Steak with Roasted Bone Marrow

Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Cake